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Specialized Lawn Care starts here


 We turn thin, old grass into lush and green lawns that better resist weeds, drought, and insects.

Lawn fertilization services ensure your grass gets the proper nutrients for lawns in Columbus, OH.

We kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds with pre and post emergent weed control services

Lawns experiencing underlying conditions, excessive shade, poor drainage, thatch buildup, or over ran by weeds? Let us help!

One of the best management practices for your lawn is to core aerate and overseed your lawn.

The foundation of every organic lawn care program, the benefits are numerous.

Central Ohio summers can be hot and humid, making lawns susceptible to fungal diseases.

Green Up is built on the belief that a healthy lawn is part of a healthy
environment.  We have designed our program to provide outstanding results
with optimal safety for you and your family. 

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