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We begin fertilizing your lawn in early spring, continue in the summer, and apply the final treatment in late fall

Balanced, organic based fertilizer gives your grass and soil the nutrients needed to remain healthy and strong all season long. 


Building a Better Lawn Fertility Program

While there has been a battle over organic versus traditional synthetic fertilizers for many decades, I believe they are both better than the other.  Each has its place and need in our turfgrass and in our soil.  Hence my philosophy of Green Up Specialized Lawn Care Program – it is the best use of organics to build the soil, boosted when needed by synthetics and using chemical weed killers smartly.   It's safe for you, your children, pets and the environment.  Six properly timed applications of organic fertilizers derived from natural sources, slow-release synthetic fertilizers, micronutrients and bio-stimulants that stimulate plant growth and can assist turfgrass in surviving heat, drought and disease.  Soil amendments with pre and post weed control.  Yes, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are used when needed, however it’s important that we build the soil and the grass plant’s leaf tissue to better resist pests, disease, and stress, thus reducing our dependence on them.   Give Green Up Specialized Lawn Care Program a try.  We'll give you a no obligation quote.  See and feel the difference!  You and your lawn will be happy you did!  

Step 1 Early Spring

Early spring fertilizer will jump start your lawn as temperatures start to warm up. This application will provide the necessary nutrients for quick green-up, while limiting top growth and building a strong healthy root system.


Calcium is added and is the main component that dictates cell well strength. Iron is a great additon to any program.  Here it is used in our chelated foliar spray which means the nutrient is more readily absorbed by the plant to impart a lush, deep, blue-green color to your lawn.    

Crabgrass Control
The first split pre-emergent is applied to your lawn prior to crabgrass germination. This will help prevent ugly crabgrass from invading your lawn. Your lawn's history of crabgrass will dictate the need for the pre-emergent herbicide application.  Not every lawn has a crabgrass problem, therefore we won't apply unnecessary herbicide if it is not needed.  

The lawn on the left is untreated and crabgrass has come in and dominated the yard.  The lawn on the right is a dense turfgrass that gets all the proper nutrients and weed control applications from Green Up, and is able to fight off weeds that can overtake and suffocate your lawn


Step 2  Spring

Building off the early spring application, we will apply a balanced, slow release fertilizer by way of triazone and methylene urea to sustain deep green color and a strong, healthy root system over the summer months. Potassium is introduced in higher rates to help the grass build thicker cells walls, stay healthy and strengthen the plant so it can withstand various stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease. 


Humic and fulvic acid is added to increase nutrient uptake, drought tolerance and chlorophyll production.  Humic acid helps the soil by boosting levels of beneficial microbial activity by adding carbon.  

Broadleaf Weed Control
More stubborn weeds may germinate as we go into late spring. We will inspect and treat as needed to maximize control. This is usually the time we start to see those ugly yellow heads from dandelions. This application is geared to control those weeds and many others. 

Grassy Weed Control
Green Up will apply another pre-emergent to lawns with a history of crabgrass.  Research shows split applications of crabgrass control increases the efficacy of prevention. 

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Step 3  Late Spring

Fertilizer & Micronutrients 

In May, our cool season grass in Columbus is still thriving with a 89% growth rate potential.  Slow release nitrogen with another round of iron, phosphorous for vigorous root growth and potassium for overall plant health are used to help ensure your lawn is getting what it need in this important time of the growing season.  


Organic kelp fertilizer is valued for its micro-nutrients as well as its macro-nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  The benefits of kelp are that it is a completely natural, organic product and a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals.  For this reason, it is an important dietary supplement for many people as well as being a terrific organic fertilizer.

Step 4   Early Summer


Your lawn's soil is often overlooked by other lawn care companies.  At Green Up we believe a healthy soil is the key to healthier grass and plants.  We incorporate an organic fertilizer which nourishes the plant and feeds the soil microbes, along with a soil conditioner and amendment to increase the availability of nutrients in our fertilizers and in those already existing in your soil.  Your soil gets the attention it deserves with an organic wetting agent that reduces the surface tension.  Growth is slow down considerably, however we still want to ensure plant vitality.

Amino acids, iron, boron, magnesium, maganese and the wonder element - zinc is foliar sprayed on your turf to help survive the onslaught of summer's heat - an enemy of cool season grass.  Root hair promoting peptides to help drought conditions. 

Grub Control 
Most lawn companies charge extra for grub and insect control.   It is included in Green Up's 6 step program.  White Grubs are the larvae of several different beetles, including Japanese Beetles. The beetles lay their eggs in late summer and they hatch in early to late fall.  Left untreated, grubs can devastate a lawn in just a few days.  This application will help prevent grubs from hatching, thus protecting your lawn all season long.

Surface Insect Control 

Surface insects, such as Chinch Bugs, Billbugs, and Sod Webworm can inflict serious damage to slow growing turf during the hot summer months

Step 5  Early Fall

Fertilizer & Biostimulants

This application of early fall fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer to help lawns start the recovery process from summer stress.  The growth rate potential of cool season grass start to reverse it's trend from July & Aug.  It's climbing up to 65% growth rate and we want to promote growth by providing macronutrients - nitrogen and potassium, biostimulants - humic acid and kelp.   Warm days and cool night are the perfect for the most important application of the year.   

Broadleaf Weed Control
Fall is the best time to control any remaining weeds in the lawns. We will inspect and treat as needed to ensure your lawn goes into the winter months, weed free. 

Winter Annual Grassy Weed Control

Green Up will apply another fall pre-emergent to prevent the winter annual weeds from emerging.  Visit our WEED ID page to learn more about the common winter annual weeds in central Ohio.


Step 6  Fall


An all mineral fertilizer with a 6 to 1 ratio means you will receive the right amount of fast release nitrogen to encourage color, health and vigor of the lawn and the right amount of potassium to store carbohydrates for the upcoming winter months, allowing it to then green up quickly in the spring.  It's also the best time of the year to core aerate, overseed or spot repair areas that were damaged from the summer.  

Additional Services


Lawn fungicides are generally considered the last line of defense against diseases.  While learning good cultural practices is time well spent, sometimes fungicides may occassionally be necessary.  Fungicide applications can be both curative (after the disease starts) and preventative (before the disease begins) for those lawns that have a history of lawn disease.  Preventative applications usually protect for 25 to 30 days.  

Core Aeration
Core aeration is the mechanical process by which we remove small cores from the turf.  This will provide small holes in the lawn to allow for better air, water and nutrient penetration to the grass root system.  Core aeration will help reduce soil compaction, which allows roots to naturally spread, providing a thick turf.  Green Up recommends doing this every year.  

Overseeding is a process by which we broadcast grass seed during the aeration process.  The seed will go right into the holes allowing for better germination.  By doing this with aeration, we will improve the rate of germination and improve the quality of your turf.


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