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Green Up Renovates Lawns

It's a challenge to maintain a picture-perfect lawn and most homeowners don't know where to start.  Lawn renovation involves restoring a deteriorated turfgrass lawn to an improved condition.  But before planting premium grass seed, we need to correct the lawn's underlying problem.  Drought, excessive shade, tree root competition, poor drainage, soil compaction, inadequate fertility, weed or insect infestation, disease, thatch buildup, improper mowing and poorly adapted grass species may contribute to poor turf lawns.




How Do We Renovate Lawns?

Slice Seeding

We use equipment that slices into the soil with steel blades creating furrows.  Seed is dropped simultaneously into the furrows.  This method puts the seed directly in contact with the soil where seedlings can germinate more readily.  This method does minimal damage to the existing turfgrass.

Overseeding & Topdressing

Topdressing your lawn with compost-enriched topsoil ensures 100% seed/soil contact.  We recommend topdressing and overseeding when the soil grade needs to be improved.  Topdressing allows us the opportunity to level your lawn, fill in low spots and improve drainage issues throughout the yard.  Additionally, we use elite cultivar grass seed better suited for central Ohio's summer heat and drought. 

Complete Renovation

This is the extreme lawn makeover method.  We start with a treatment of non-selective herbicide to remove all of the undesirable grasses and weeds from your lawn.  Next we aerate to loosen the soil.  We then topdress to add organic matter to the soil for long term soil and plant health.  Turf type tall fescue seed is used and within a few weeks your lawn is transformed into a brand new dark green blanket of turf.    


One of the important tasks a homeowner has after an overseeding or total renovation project is watering.  The goal is to keep the seedbed moist, but not saturated.  How often you water will depend on rainfall, temperature, humidity and sunlight.  It is very important once the watering begins, the seed is not allowed to dry out.  Dry seeds will not germinate.  

We understand it's a large task for some and that is why Green Up offers temporary irrigation systems - hose, sprinker heads, timers.  Ask us about this service for your lawn project.

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