Despite your best efforts, you might be struggling with a lawn that has bare patches and grass that is barely hanging on.  

It's a challenge to maintain a picture-perfect lawn and most homeowners don't know where to start.  Lawn renovation involves restoring a deteriorated turfgrass lawn to an improved condtion.  But before planting premium grass seed, we need to correct the lawn's underlying problem.  Drought, excessive shade, tree root competition, poor drainage, soil compaction, inadequate fertility, weed or insect infestation, disease, thatch buildup, improper mowing and poorly adapted grass species may contribute to poor turf lawns.  

Green Up Renovates Lawns


How Do We Renovate Lawns?

slice seeding

We use equipment that slices into the soil with steel blades creating furrows.  Seed is dropped simultaneously into the furrows.  This method puts the seed directly in contact with the soil where seedlings can germinate more readily.  This method does minimal damage to the existing turfgrass.

overseeding & topdressing

Topdressing your lawn with compost-enriched topsoil ensures 100% seed/soil contact.  We recommend topdressing and overseeding when the soil grade needs to be improved.  Topdressing allows us the opportunity to level your lawn, fill in low spots and improve drainage issues throughout the yard.  Additionally, we use elite cultivar grass seed better suited for central Ohio's summer heat and drought. 

Complete renovation

This is the extreme lawn makeover method.  We start with a treatment of non-selective herbicide to remove all of the undesirable grasses and weeds from your lawn.  Next we strip and remove all of the thatch and regrade, making your lawn level again.  The latest and best sod or seed is installed and within a few days or weeks your lawn is transformed into a brand new dark green blanket of turf.     


Taking the Next Lawn Renovation Steps  

Thinking about everything that might be involved in lawn renovation might feel a bit overwhelming to you—but it doesn’t have to be. It's as easy as requesting a quote and letting a professional figure out what is truly best for your lawn.


We often find that homeowners think their lawns are in worse shape than they actually are and they’re pleasantly surprised by our ability to get their “bad lawn” back on track. Not only will we tell you what it will take to transform your lawn but also tell you what it will take to keep it looking great. That includes professional advice on aftercare requirements like watering and fertilization.

If you’re looking for lawn renovation services to transform an ugly lawn, you've come to the right place.

By working with Green Up for your lawn renovation services you can stop feeling embarrassed about having the ugliest lawn on the block and start experiencing the peace of mind, and the pride, that comes with owning a property with a lush and green enviable lawn. 

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your ugly lawn and to get it on track to good health, then request a quote and relax while we get to work.​

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